We are a non-traditional agency with award winning directors at the core of our creative edge. Our diversity of thought, style, and experience meets in our motivation to envision and create incredible video content.

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Real life brothers, Rob and Ben Clyde, created Squint Direct when it became apparent that their combined creative experience in marketing, filmmaking and advertising provided a unique advantage in the arena of video content creation. Like most creative directors, their process involves a partnership style approach to visual styles and storylines, with a unique emphasis on identifying content strategies that cater to specific audiences. 



Our team is made up of a diverse group of award winning filmmakers and directors, each with their own unique style and skill set. Their years of hands on experience in Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Writing, Producing, and Music Composition; gives Squint the ability to offer a wide variety of video content. 

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Along with our core team, we work with a extensive group of top notch producers, cinematographers, writers, designers, casting directors, composers, sound mixers, gaffers, make up artists, stylists, caterers, production assistants, editors, colorists, amplifiers, social media experts, and post production partners in Los Angeles and through-out the country. We put creative first, and build each production team around the needs and goals of our clients.