YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. WE HAVE ANSWERS. And if we missed anything, don't hesitate to contact us. THE desire to educate Our clients on the video Content creation PROCESS is in our DNA.

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How Much?

Every project or campaign is a custom build. We don’t know how to be cookie-cutter. So after nailing down creative, our line producers will create a scope, schedule, plan and budget that will maximize the quality on every dollar you spend. Because we work with you on creative, and because we learn how to create within the parameters of your corporate structure, and because we have a team of very experienced directors and producers…we don’t go over budget. If you have an idea to run by us, we are happy to hear it, suggest ways to make it great, and then follow-through. Give us a call to find out more, 323-804-2927.

What is Legacy Content?

We have found over the years that corporate CEO’s and other Executive Leadership offer a legacy of thoughts, ideas and best practices over their many years at a company. And too often those ideas are buried in a memo, book, or blog. These are the “celebrities” of your business. They are crucial assets to the company. So use them as a spokes person. Put them in front of their fans out there and even in-house and you will find their influence and image will grow exponentially.

What makes Squint Direct a premium content provider?

Let’s face it, when it comes to corporate leadership, you don’t skimp. If you spend the money to give them the best office, the nice car, and country club membership…why cheap out when you put them on video for all the world to see? Squint Direct works with experienced, award-winning directors and producers who do this for a living. It’s how they pay their bills. Sure, everyone has a cousin or friend with a camera who can shoot a corporate video for cheap. Call us when you are ready for a premium upgrade.

Can you help us promote our content on social media?

I like the way your thinking! Yes. We can help you place a promote the content we create together on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In. As a part of our creative process, we will also bring up the consideration of distribution outlets for your media.

Where does Squint add value, as compared to the competition?

Personal attention. Founders, Rob and Ben Clyde, can’t help but take their work personally. Their Virginia roots and a “persuasive” grandma also taught these brothers a thing or two about good old-fashion respect for others and an undeniable commitment to the happiness of our clients.

Why do I need a video content agency?

If your company utilizes strategic agency partners for advertising, pr, web and/or social media – it’s time to admit that a video content agency is a logical next move. It’s simple. When given the choice to read an article about something online or watch a video about it…which one do you choose? We turn your company into a network of videos designed to reach your specific demographic with content they are hungry to consume. WATCH THIS TESTIMONIAL VIDEO

Will you do a one-off project?

Of course. Most accounts start with one. We try to over deliver on expectation and they seem to come back for more. Using our television network analogy… We can create “a show” for you, and scratch one itch. But ideally, we hope to help you program your overall Network of content with “shows” niched for your various audiences (employees, customers, public). And then help you distribute them on the platforms that those audiences are already watching on (your website, Facebook, events, Instagram, Youtube).

What corporate departments do you work with?

Communications, Marketing, Social Media, Digital/Website, Public Relations, Events, Brand Messaging, Human Resources, Training and Advertising departments. But generally we make it a practice to win over the CEO’s executive assistant and call it a day.

What is Squintelligence?

Exceed expectations. It feels really good when you do. Inspiring curiosity is the first job of every storyteller. Thank you Brian Glazer. Approach each project uniquely. Every script is someone’s baby. Respect everyone in the process. Every role is crucial. Be resourceful. Find Solutions. No one’s got time or money to waste. Be good while being good at what you do. No one’s got time for jerks. Have fun. We all got into this because it’s a really cool job.

Does Squint make Ad content?

Well sure, if you want to advertise, let’s go to town. Click here to be re-directed to our roster of commercial directors and their award winning work over at

How much should my annual budget be for Video Content?

Good question. How do you decide how much you’re going to spend or allocate to your website? Same thing. What we find is that many organizations have little pockets of budget for “content” in various overall budget like marketing, communications, pr, advertising, social media, hr, and web.

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