When we got a call from Audi’s Marketing Department asking if we would be available to shoot during the Los Angeles Car Show, we jumped at the opportunity.

The project was focused on Audi’s new electric prototype vehicle, the E-Tron Spyder, and they wanted something shot with a marketing budget that would look like it came from their advertising budget. They would distribute the videos at the car show to journalists, and post on their socials on the day of the reveal.

As the first film crew to capture this car in action, we knew that Audi enthusiasts would be lining up to analyze every aspect of the car’s design. Our goal was to place that design in unique locations. With a beautiful day in the Malibu mountains, and a sunset along the coastline, we were able to deliver a suite of content that Audi used for a variety of media collateral on digital platforms though-out the year. This even included a “behind the scenes” look at the film production itself, and the project was so popular, Audi decided to do the same with their Quattro concept car a year later.

With its roots in the early 80’s, the Audi Quattro has been reinvented by the car manufacturer a number of times, and when releasing at the 2015 Los Angeles Car Show, they were able to use our video content that featured the Quattro driving downtown and along the coast.

For car enthusiasts, the first look at a new Audi concept is a big deal. Pictures get taken at car shows, but there’s nothing like seeing a car out on the open road, so Audi took the new Etron Spyder for a spin while Squint captured for the release.

With only days to turn around the project, Squint’s post production team was able to deliver a final video that released online the day of the car’s first reveal at a car show.