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The best businesses understand the key to building a larger, more deeply engaged audience is to create and distribute dynamic content.

We believe the quality and frequency of that content is a reflection of how much your company believes in itself overall. If you have a story to tell to the world. If your CEO has a legacy of leadership to share. If your brand has an image to model. Video, right? 

SQUINT DIRECT is a video content agency that provides premium video content directly to in-house communications, social media, and creative marketing teams who want more “original programming” in their various internal and external communication channels. We put brands on the path to a library full of exceptional content with our ideas, production expertise, and distribution strategies that deliver results. 

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(because you probably have questions)

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CEO, Oaktree Capital Management 

“For many years now, I’ve come to rely on the Clyde Brothers to create premium video content across the board. They never fail to make me or my colleagues feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

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CEO, Free Range Thinking

“Squint makes outstanding, funny, smart creative content. It's a pleasure to collaborate with them and they always manage to find clever ways around typical roadblocks in the process; budget, time, personalities. If you're ready for great content and a GREAT experience making that content, give Squint a call.”


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Senior VP, Lawyers Title Insurance

“Rob and Ben are energetic, creative and talented producers; and I would highly recommend Squint Direct.”

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Founder & CCO, Group 11 Advertising

“Squint Direct is home to some of the sharpest creatives I know. They just 'get it,' which sounds simple but is incredibly rare. They understand advertising AND entertainment and balance both very well in their work. Squint is a great tool to have in the box!”


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Director, Beauty Counter

“If you're looking for passionate and innovative creative professionals that you can count on, look no further! I have had the pleasure of working with Squint on multiple projects and am impressed by their ability to develop original concepts, effectively communicate ideas, and motivate and lead teams to produce extraordinary results.”

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